Beloved Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs has everything. It can feel like a city at night, yet still it’s a small town. One minute you could be walking through a busy neighborhood, then you turn and suddenly you’re on a tree-lined path without a building in sight. Right in town there’s a bluff-lined hiking trail leading to Black Bass Lake; five minutes from the edge of town is Lake Leatherwood–both are considered city parks.¬† If you like to read, there¬† are plenty of letters to the editors of the local newspapers about the latest campaign for this-or-that cause waged by some of its passionate citizenry. And city council is always entertaining. Even though news coverage might suggest that it’s a contentious town, most of the people I know get along quite well–and even agree to disagree agreeably. They pull together when they need to, and stay apart when necessary to keep the peace. All in all, the locals are wonderful, colorful characters. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.