Parks of Eureka Springs

Harding Spring Park is one of my favorite parks in Eureka Springs.

I have painted it many times since 1988. Here are some of my plein air paintings from recent years—painted on the spot at Harding. According to the plaque posted on site, Harding Spring was named after Emmett Harding, a photographer of entrepreneurial spirit who “began the tradition of making photographs of people in front of the spring for souvenirs. Harding Spring is known as the site of one of the most famous healings in Eureka Springs. Twenty year old Jennie Cowan, who had been blind for seven years following a severe illness, was said to have been miraculously cured by the healing waters of Harding Spring. Harding Spring is one of the original spring reservations established by Ordinance NO. 80 dated February 16, 1886.”